I run workshops for founders and executives, as well as for marketing teams, to bring my experience to your company so that you can build in-house knowledge and execute the next steps.


  • Mobile app attribution and tracking: event setup, parameters, cohort analysis, utilization of mobile measurement partner (MMP) to the fullest
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: user journey funnel optimization and data driven UX improvements, retention and engagement drivers, lifecycle marketing / CRM, onboarding funnel, paywall and pricing tests, lifecycle marketing


  • App Store Optimization Strategy Workshop: iOS strategy combined with Apple Search Ads Strategy, Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore. Analysis of text and graphic elements, best practices, reviews and ratings, category analysis
  • Data-driven Creative Assets Workshop: bi-weekly creative test sprints to improve efficiency, concepts based on audience and user funnels
  • Performance Marketing Best Practices: campaign setup, test sprints, audience and creative strategy, budgeting, healthy channel mix, promotions
  • Brand Management Workshop: brand assessment, competitor landscape analysis, brand positioning, ideal branding, actionable steps to differentiate from competition and optimize organic reach and conversion rate

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