Audits + Actionable Improvement Steps

Are you utilizing your performance channels in the most efficient way? Is your user journey conversion funnel 100% optimized? I execute full audits, starting with a product audit then diving deep into your performance marketing channels and ASO, to find the biggest leaks in your conversion funnel and retention. I finish all audits with actionable steps based on company goals.

Product Audit

    • Health check on marketing tech stack tools: event and parameter tracking setup and utilization of attribution tool (including deep linking), in-app analytics tools, CRM tool, A/B testing tool, CDP, subscription analytics, ad-mon SDKs
    • Health check on conversion funnel and user journey: funnel optimization (CRO) and data driven UX improvements, retention and engagement drivers audit, lifecycle marketing (CRM)
    • Monetization strategy: paywall design, pricing, business models
    • Analysis + action plan: analyze your tools and create an action plan based on your short and long term goals

Performance Marketing Channels and ASO Audit

  • User acquisition and retargeting campaigns structure and setup: campaign efficiency on Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Twitter, Apple Search Ads, Outbrain, Snapchat, Pinterest, Mobile Ad Networks, DSPs and Affiliate channels including audience refinement and creative audit 
  • App Store Optimization audit on Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore: text and graphic elements, review and ratings, category analysis
  • Analysis + action plan: analyze your channels and create an action plan based on your short and long term goals

Brand Audit

  • Brand strategy: brand assessment, competitor landscape analysis, brand positioning, ideal branding, actionable steps to differentiate from competition and optimize organic reach and conversion rate based on your short and long term goals

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