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optimizing your user acquisition campaigns, maximizing your reach on App Stores, increasing your conversion rates, minimizing drop-offs in funnels, having a robust app tracking, automating your performance marketing campaigns, having a brand users love, making your users happy.


Are you utilizing your performance channels in the most efficient way? Is your user journey conversion funnel 100% optimized?

I run workshops for founders and executives, as well as for marketing teams, to bring my experience to your company so that you can build in-house knowledge and execute the next steps.  

I help clients who do not have a marketing team yet, or who need an extension of their marketing team on an operational basis.

About Me

Full stack marketer, strategist, executor:

    • 11+ years experience in marketing
    • 9+ years in performance marketing
    • 1000+ user acquisition campaigns with annual 8 figure budgets
    • 60+ apps in 10+ verticals worldwide
    • Clients regularly featured on App Store, TechCrunch, Forbes
I support internal teams (in e-commerce, health & fitness, photo & video, utility, education, dating, lifestyle, food delivery, …) across the globe focusing on the US and EMEAT on app growth and retention topics through performance marketing channel audits and setups, conversion funnel optimization, CRM automation, marketing and monetization strategy, marketing tech stack tooling, ASO and ad-hoc projects such as e-commerce product feed creation, campaign automation and creative services.

My recent projects: 

  • Grew a global health app’s active paid subscriber base by 7.3x within 10 months through multiple performance marketing channels with net LTV > CAC
  • Scaled a global q-commerce app’s Facebook spend by 60%+ in the 1st month with -50% lower CAC and scaled further by 250%+ (7 digit budget/mo) which ended up with 5.5x budget and -13% lower CAC in 1 quarter. Partnership led to 50x marketing investment over 12 months while almost all campaigns had LTV>CAC.
  • Held multiple interim marketing lead positions where I handled performance marketing operationally (7digit budgets), built teams of 5-10 members then handed over to the new teams.
  • Audited 60+ apps’ performance marketing channels (Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Mobile Ad Networks & more) in different verticals, led to $30k-$300k+ per month in savings in media spend
  • Ran App Store Optimization (ASO) Strategy:

   – for a US-based VPN app, leading to 30% higher visibility score and 25 more #1 ranked keywords within 3 months – for a US-based health app, leading to 224% higher visibility score and 32 more #1 ranked keywords within 5 months (150% higher visibility score after the first update – app ranking top 10 for 60 new keywords)

  • Launched Twitter from $0 to $50k/month spend in 3 months, Snapchat from $0 to $400k in 4 months, Apple Search Ads from $0 to$ 20k/month in 2 months as new sustainable channels for multiple brands
  • Automated Apple Search Ads campaign management based on MMP data to minimize spend on low volume unknown keywords, maximize ROAS and automate discovery of new keywords with customized automated rules managed by scripts
  • Improved D1 retention rate in a dating app by 4x in 8 weeks through conducting multiple monetization experiments
  • Achieved continuous ROAS improvement in a health & fitness app through creating and testing 116 ad concepts up to 15 variations on Facebook Ads
  • Set up modernized marketing campaigns optimization and creative concepts frameworks for internal teams
  • Created and implemented 20+ app tracking concepts for multiple verticals (on Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch, Singular), from e-commerce to subscription-based apps to enable automation in user acquisition, retargeting and CRM campaigns
  • Improved CRM automations through activation, re-activation, conversion, win-back campaigns and omni-channel CRM strategy
  • Supported companies in onboarding new attribution partners, CRM tools, ad monetization platforms, CDPs and other MarTech tools like Braze, CleverTap, Iterable, MoEngage, Adjust, Appsflyer, Singular, MixPanel, Segment, Interceptd, SearchAds etc.
  • Ran mobile ad traffic fraud audits, set up customized anti-fraud rules based on the app user lifecycle which led to $1k-$15k/month in savings
  • Ran workshops on ASO, conversion funnel optimization, in-app analytics and attribution, data-driven creative assets planning, CRM strategy and automation, multi-platform performance campaign setup and automation, audience refinement and brand management
  • Set up Facebook pixels through Google Tag Manager (GTM) and integrated with Google Optimize to run experiments to accelerate CRO efforts through landing pages


“Alper has been a key partner in setting up, scaling and developing the Performance Marketing team at Gorillas from scratch. Alper supported me in hiring and onboarding team members, managing the team, setting up scalable account structures, launching new channels and optimising the channel mix. In addition, Alper has a strong understanding of the marketing landscape and knew the right tools and partners to empower Gorillas to run attribution, automation and better quality creatives. During our 12 month long partnership where our performance marketing investment grew more than 50x, I have experienced Alper as a well-rounded professional and friend who is always on top of things, is reliable, innovative and fun to work with. Thank you for building Gorillas together!”

-Aiste Juknaite,

Director of Growth

“Alper audited our app at a time when we needed an outside pair of eyes to take a step back and reevaluate our planned actions. He did a great job of analyzing the product/running ads/app store presence, identifying our problems, providing ideas on how to approach them. He is well familiar with the mobile industry, a good listener (very important in this role, and not to be taken for granted), and a real professional who gives comprehensible and actionable feedback. Would definitely work with him again.”

-Katarina Lotric,

Co-Founder & CEO

“I had the pleasure to work with Alper at DH in the German team, shaping and driving the UA performance marketing strategy. Alper is an extremely bright individual who constantly challenged the status quo to improve our marketing strategy overtime. He is very good at working cross departments, leveraging and putting together different skills and expertises to achieve a successful outcome. He is very data driven and analytical with a leadership style that inspires the people around him to always strive for excellence. I would totally recommend Alper for his next professional endeavors.”

-Andrea Oggioni,

Mobile Marketing Manager

“I worked with Alper throughout the years and his various positions was always impressed by his knowledge and expertise of the industry. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I hope to cross paths with him again in the future. I would highly recommend his services to companies that are in need of mobile growth and expanding their app user base.”

-Ravit Ross,

VP Global Growth

“Alper and I collaborated over a number of years to drive profitable and scaleable user acquisition for Retale. He is very data driven in his approach, yet still has the flexibility to experiment with new strategies that may be less proven. Examples of these initiatives included seasonal creative sprints and publisher whitelist test campaigns. Overall, this experimentation and collaborative thinking helped Retale overcome the competitive / ROI pressures for marketers in a niche vertical. “

-Bennett Caroll,

New Business Director

“I worked with Alper when he was managing UA campaigns for Bonial (Retale) on the AdColony platform. A large part of the success was owed to Alper being open to testing a variety of strategies and providing us with insightful data, in exchange helping us better understand the value we were driving on the campaigns. Always a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend Alper to any business looking to hire someone who can manage and scale their growth activities.”

-Niels Beenen,

VP Performance EMEA

“I worked with Alper in DaWanda’s mobile team. At the moment he joined team, we could immediately see his impact, improving hugely not only the marketing side of the apps, but organizing and managing all data part as well. Would gladly work again with him in the future, if possible!”

-Lucas Eduardo Frota,

Senior iOS Developer

“Alper was in my team at Delivery Hero, and worked on a six digit mobile growth budget strategy. He is a self driven professional with extensive knowledge in mobile marketing who you can always count on. Alper improved the performance of the existing mobile campaigns in DH, and helped me develop a data driven approach to growth within the company. It was a please to work with Alper and I enthusiastically recommend him as a promising team member.”


Head of Performance Marketing

“Alper did an app store optimization project for us (for a number of apps across different platforms) and he did an absolutely great job! His approach was very professional and comprehensive, his analysis robust and his recommendations were clear and detailed. He also helped us implement the changes, and set up tracking to monitor results and keep on improving. We were extremely pleased working with Alper and would recommend him to everyone looking for a hands-on expert in mobile marketing!”

-Andriy Revin,

Operations Manager

“Alper managed performance marketing campaigns at Kaia Health in a wide range of channels including Facebook/Instagram, SEM, Outbrain, Apple Search Ads and more. With Alper, our subscriber base grew by more than 10x in 12 months at decreasing acquisition costs. He professionalized the tracking system and managed campaigns in a data-driven way, while helping to implement a process for structured creative testing. Alper consistently brought up new ideas for channels to test and made suggestions beyond user acquisition to improve the conversion funnel across the entire customer journey. If you are looking for 360-degree performance marketing management I can highly recommend to have a chat with Alper.”

-Gabriel Thomalla,


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